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Soapbox Derby Nationals

Congratulations to Maria Koosache who made the top ten shoot out at the National Soapbox Derby Finals over the weekend and finished in a highly credible 6th place. Well done Maria, and a special thanks to Tony Nemeia for his tremendous effort in helping organise the West Auckland finals.




Soapbox March 2014

What a great day. We placed 10, 16, 17 and 24 out of 52 drivers. Jacob Webster was our best and ran in the top 12 run off for the nationals. In an attempt to shave the milliseconds required for success he clipped the curb and missed out on making the top 6.

Adrian Lorenzen and Rob Lovich were fantastic in running the pit today. They were that good they decided to run a second car from Massey High school which gave all our year 5 drivers an opportunity to experience race day, very cool.

Soapbox Derby 2013

Last weekend the Matipo School Soapbox team finally got to compete in the annual Waitakere Rotary All American Soapbox Derby. The previous weekend’s Westgate Derby was cancelled, moving the races to Glenfield.  The our team performed with passion and gusto with Hannah Lovrich, Sophie Koosache and Tadhg Coulthard-Miller finishing 15th, 19th & 23rd respectively amongst 56 competitors.

However the day did not go without a crash or bang. Luca Wedding-Pritchard travelling at approximately 55km had a helmet malfunction, lost her bearings and spectacularly crashed into the safety bales. Luca sporting a couple of nice bruises to both arms and legs was later heard enquiring if there was a ‘Best Crash Award’. As for the car, it needed some TLC and after 40 minutes of fantastic teamwork the ‘Green Machine’ was back up and running.

Thank you very much to Stephanie and Jamie Koosache for their leadership and enthusiasm during our Soapbox campaign. Thank you also to all the parents involved in supporting the team, and to the sponsors – Lonestar Construction, Royden Decorators, Yourspace Joinery, Compass Plumbing, and the school sponsor Azko Nobel for the beautiful ‘Matipo Green’ paint job.