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V8Supercars Pukekohe ITM400 Trip

For another year we’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of the V8Supercars ‘Students on Track’ programme to experience day 1 of the race weekend. The V8Supercars organisation provides free tickets, we simply have to pay for the transport there. The kids get to see the pits, meet drivers, and this year, thanks to Chris at event sponsor ITM, a small group of us got to visit the winners podium and hoist a (heavy!) trophy, and meet Kiwi racing legend Greg Murphy!

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Cross Country 2016

A fantastic Cross Country, with great weather, great crowd, great organisation and of course great children!


Year 0 Girls

Name Room No
1st Amelie Pilot-Rowsell 9
2nd Darcy Rarere 3
3rd Sofia Urlovic 5

Year 0 Boys

Name Room No
1st Nathan Yovich 6
2nd Alfie Colegate 2
3rd Joshua Teope 9

Year 1 Girls

Name Room No
1st Stella Mitchell 9
2nd Summer Bundock 9
3rd Ashlee Hari 2

Year 1 Boys

Name Room No
1st Reuben Lee Sang 8
2nd Riley Jacobs 9
3rd Jacob Hallows 6

Year 2 Girls

Name Room No
1st Hazel Masters-King 19
2nd Ella Page-Wood 16
3rd Eden Howie 12

Year 2 Boys

Name Room No
1st Noah Petley 21
2nd Noah Pirnia 15
3rd Jude Brem 14


Year 3 Girls

Name Room No
1st Ava Marsters 19
2nd Sarah Suifua 15
3rd Shana Diallo 21

Year 3 Boys

Name Room No
1st Nathan Bundock 15
2nd Matty Rockell 16
3rd Cole Jackson 15

Year 4

Year 4 Girls

Name Room No
1st Brooke Hari 22
2nd Madden Smith 10
3rd Imogen Wroe 10

Year 4 Boys

Name Room No
1st Dylan Chapman 10
2nd Jacob Petley 25
3rd Tama Circuitt 24

Year 5

Year 5 Girls

Name Room No
1st Grace Jarvie-Otufangavalu 22
2nd Edie Annan 22
3rd Thea Rockell 17
4th Eden Hickman 24
5th Emily Shepherd 17
6th Mia Horvath 24
7th Ashlee Nemaia 22
8th Posie Davis-Barr 22
9th Aiko Holster 22
10th Mia Gilbert 22
11th Alyssa Pattern 10
12th Bellah Peut 10

Year 5

Year 5 Boys

Name Room No
1st Timon Boyack 24
2nd Lucas Adams 10
3rd Seth Sylianou 22
4th Michael Stuart 17
5th Neil Amerika 24
6th Lycan Kay 23
7th Kaia Diallo 25
8th James Annan 25
9th Caleb Murphy 24
10th Franklin Davis-Barr 17
11th Daniel Vujnovich 22
12th Lorenzo Pearce 25

Year 6

Year 6 Girls

Name Room No
1st Reese Marsters 1
2nd Mia Cureen-Poko 1
3rd Keira Schreiffer 27
4th Emma Chapman 1
5th Dostella Amerika 1
6th Leila Skinner 27
7th Amber Ball 26
8th Rhee Morrison 26
9th Kaiya Jacobs 26
10th Tyra Ibbott 1
11th Vontelle Wilson 27
12th Kayla Holmes 27

Year 6

Year 6 Boys

Name Room No
1st Kainoa Keereweer-Taia 26
2nd Ethan Wroe 1
3rd Ryder Williams 27
4th Michael Robson 26
5th Caedorik Litvinchuk 26
6th Riley Tivoli 1
7th Jye Hall 26
8th Archie Bullock 1
9th Joel Gibson 27
10th Luke Gibson 26
11th Lennox Tawhai 1
12th William Mackrell 26

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