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Pet Day

Yesterday we had Pet Day which was organised by the School Council and Mr Pilkington. The animals and children had a great morning!

Here are the results:

Most like their pet ~ Taco & Hudini owned by Jacob
Strangest Dress up ~ Skoopy owned by Farrell
Shortest coat Cat ~ Cleo owned by Jordy MacIntosh
Longest coat Cat ~ Lucy owned by Donna
Shortest coat Dog ~ Jesuka owned by Maddison Hayshan
Longest coat ~ Lucy ~ owned by Donna Jamieson
Strangest pet. ~ Toothless owned by Oliver Gracewood
Cutest pet ~ Choc owned by Alice
Most interesting trick – Monty owned by Brent Bradley, 2nd Toby owned by Max Knapping, 3rd Buddy owned by Marashell Slatter
Obedience course ~ Darwin owned by Slade Winthrop, 2nd Rudy owned by Harrison Chapman, 3rd Henry owned by Flila Matafeo
Audience choice ~ Adult Miss Molly owned by Mrs Forgie, Child Chuckie owned by Zoe and Ella Grove