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A View From A Classroom Blog

Our wonderful Mrs Fotheringham brings us the latest ‘view’. It is a reflection of her personal journey through education as well as a highly insightful piece on the importance of creativity in the classroom. You only have to walk into Room 12 to see that she is truly living this philosophy to benefit the children in her care.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up,” Pablo Picasso.

I was a shy child throughout primary school because I grew up not wanting to be wrong. Therefore I tried really hard in numeracy and literacy so I always had the right answers. But the subjects I really loved were the arts because creativity was valued and there was no right or wrong outcome.

At college I chose subjects where creativity was valued and in my final year I was the Arts Captain and was fortunate to receive a scholarship for tertiary education. My teachers were surprised to find out I had not pursued an education in arts but choose a business degree instead. Being the only child in my family to go to university I was told, “Don’t do arts. You can’t make a living being an artist”. The only sensible choice seemed to be a business degree because you can make a lot of money and you are guaranteed a job. NOT! Businesses actually seem to be more interested in creative thinkers rather than academic achievers with degrees.

Now I am a teacher and get to see, support and value kids’ various talents. I am always amazed at what my kids can do. If you give them the opportunity and support to be creative they will show you what they are capable of. They get to succeed in all areas of learning by expressing their creativity rather than always remembering the right answer.

The arts can easily be linked into all learning areas. Literacy can be taught through dance where children can build a dance based on new vocabulary. Children can relate to characters they are reading about through drama. They learn new maths knowledge through music and express ideas about inquiry through visual arts. Matipo Primary does a great job in supporting these creative talents.

No one knows what the world will look like in 5 years time, let alone 6 months in this economy. But as teachers it’s our job to educate our kids so they can prosper in 20 years time! So it gets you thinking, what are the most important things to teach? What things are going to benefit these kids the most? If our kids talents are in arts, who are we to teach them out of creativity when we don’t know what will be valued in the future?

By Ariki Fotheringham