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Board Notices

Powhiri for Mr Wright
Parents and whanau are invited to attend to our full school Powhiri welcome for Matipo’s new Principal, Mr Paul Wright, on his first day of term.
Following the ceremony, there will be entertainment from Matipo and Clayton Park cultural groups, followed by a morning tea.  All welcome.
Monday 16 October, 10.30am on the green courts.
Board Meeting
The next Board of Trustees meeting is on Monday 16 October, 7.30pm.  All welcome.

Board of Trustees Newsletter Term 3

Matipo Board of Trustees
TERM THREE NEWSLETTER 19 September, 2017

Dear Matipo community,

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came along to our Meet the Board evening at the start of this term. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with Matipo parents, whanau and staff in a relaxed environment. A special thank you to our two students Lola Harris-Dennerly and Mia Hor’vath who shared their winning speeches with us, and Mr Ray Chen who provided the entertainment. Both were a real treat. Your board is committed to engaging with you – our community – so you can expect to see more of these types of events in the future. Please come along!

End of an era
The end of this term marks an auspicious occasion in our school history – the retirement of our Principal Wayne Bainbridge after 28 years of leading Matipo. Wayne started at Matipo Primary School in 1989 and the school has grown from strength to strength under his leadership.

Under Mr Bainbridge’s leadership, significant tree planting was carried out at Matipo, computers were introduced, and a school hall was built in 1991, extended a few years later, and again in recent years. The Media Room, the Arts Suite, a large covered court, two ‘Tiger Turf’ netball courts, and a new four class permanent block have all been built during Wayne’s time, which reflects the changing needs and growing population of our community. Kayaks were purchased in 1992-1993 and are still in use today, and there has been an ever increasing collection of sculptures in the school grounds. In November 2014 the Ministry of Education identified Matipo as the top performing school in Te Atatu, and the school received a glowing ERO report in 2016. Under Wayne’s guidance, the school was an early adopter of Information Technology, a leader in Inquiry Learning, and has become an Asian Aware school.

Wayne has requested that we do not hold a formal farewell event for him, and the Board of Trustees will be respecting his wishes in this regard. However, he was able to hold a special farewell event with the children and staff at the ‘Bright and Beautiful’ day on 13 September, and the Board will be honouring Wayne’s outstanding contributions to Matipo Primary by renaming the main school hall the “Wayne Bainbridge Hall”. Later this week we are holding a small ceremony with Phil Twyford, MP for Te Atatu, where the official renaming will take place. The memory of Wayne’s era as Principal and his passion for the visual and performing arts will live on at Matipo. We wish him all the best for his retirement.
If you or your children wish to contribute your own message of farewell, memories or well wishes please feel free to drop these into the school office by this Friday.

New beginnings
Our new principal, Mr Paul Wright, will start on Monday 16 October – the first day of Term 4. Matipo will be holding a full Powhiri ceremony to welcome Paul to our school, and we are excited to share that his previous school, Clayton Park School, will be sending all their pupils and staff to attend this Powhiri as our guests. It is very meaningful to Clayton Park to gift Mr Wright to Matipo as their taonga (treasure) and we will be honoured to host them. This will be a very special occasion with cultural performances from Matipo and Clayton Park, food and games. Parents and whanau are warmly invited to attend.
Save the date: Mr Wright’s Powhiri, Monday 16 October 10.30am

Finally, our thanks to all parents and whanau who have helped or volunteered at school this term, and our gratitude as always to our wonderful teachers and staff for their dedication and hard work. We look forward to new beginnings with you all.
Wishing you all happy and safe school holidays and we hope to see you on day one Term 4.

Nga mihi nui,
Vanna Blucher (Chair) and the Matipo Board of Trustees

Paul Wright appointed as new Principal of Matipo Primary

5th July 2017

Dear Matipo community,

The Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Wright as the next Principal of Matipo Primary School. Paul will lead the school from the start of Term 4 this year.

Paul has been Principal of Clayton Park School in Manurewa for the past 13 years. Prior to this he was Associate Principal at Lincoln Heights School in Massey and before moving to to New Zealand in 1997, Paul held a variety of school management and teaching positions in the United Kingdom. Paul’s leadership is well recognised for building and sustaining high levels of student achievement at Clayton Park. He is respected for his commitment to quality professional development and the way he models, supports and coaches teachers. He has a passion for diving, sailing, music and the arts. Families at Clayton Park speak of the way he develops deep personal connections with whanau and the community. Paul and his wife Cathy live in Titirangi and their family are confirmed Westies at heart.

The Board felt that Paul’s vast experience as a principal in managing all aspects of his school, his proven track record of innovation and strategic thinking, and his high level of qualifications made him the best fit for our school. This appointment is the result of a rigorous and thorough recruitment process, guided by an external education consultant. Following the final interviews of shortlisted candidates, our Board was unanimous in this decision.

Paul says “It is an absolute honour to be given Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of such a strong and vibrant learning community. I am excited and looking forward to building on the traditions and strengths of the school, to lead Matipo into the future.”

This is a time of major transition for Matipo, and we would like to once again acknowledge Wayne Bainbridge for his outstanding years of leadership at Matipo Primary and the rich legacy he leaves behind. Discussion is underway to find an appropriate way to farewell Wayne at the end of Term 3 and details for this will be shared soon.

Nga mihi nui,
Vanna Blucher (Chair) and the Matipo Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Newsletter Term 2

3 July, 2017

A time of change

Dear Matipo community,

Welcome to the first newsletter from our reinvigorated Board of Trustees. We aim to update you on Board activities with regular newsletters and we welcome your feedback.

The Board usually meets on the third Monday of every month in the school staffroom, starting at 7.30 pm and the community are welcome to attend. Should you wish to address a matter to the Board at a meeting, please contact us before attending to check the protocol. Dates for the meetings will be mentioned in the weekly school newsletter, and the next meeting will be held on 24 July due to the school holidays. Copies of past Board meeting minutes are currently available in the office foyer.

The Board of Trustees provides direction for the school in its governance role and community consultation is an important part of this process. A by-election for new parent representatives was held in May and three new trustees were elected. Nathan Rarere, Vanessa Preston and Rebecca Lamb have joined Vanna Blucher (Chair), David Windler (Treasurer), Natalie Kennerley (Staff Rep), Wayne Bainbridge (Principal) and Faga Siaki (Parent Rep) in making up our full Board . Thank you to all candidates and voters, we value your involvement and interest in the governance of our school.

Following the change in composition of our Board we are holding a Meet the Board evening for parents and whanau in the first week of Term 3. More information will be provided closer to the date.

SAVE THE DATE: Meet the Board Evening, Wednesday 26 July, 7.30pm

As you may be aware, the Board has recently been investigating several confidential complaints. We take complaints very seriously, and have been working with external advisors and the New Zealand School Trustees Association to resolve these and ensure that processes are followed properly. The School Complaints Policy outlines that parents should contact the teachers concerned in the first instance, then the Syndicate Leader if not resolved, then the Deputy Principal, then finally the Principal. The Board can only consider complaints against the Board or Principal, or complaints that have not been resolved by following the complaints process.

Our long-standing Principal, Wayne Bainbridge is retiring at the end of Term 3. Wayne has held the reins at Matipo Primary for 28 years and led the school and students to much success over this time. He will be greatly missed. The Board is currently recruiting for a new Principal under the guidance of a respected education consultant, and we have had a high number of quality applicants. The level of interest in this position attests to the reputation and strength of our school and current Principal. We look forward to sharing more information with you about the new Principal appointment very soon.

Finally, a big thank you to our dedicated staff at Matipo, who pour their hearts and souls into teaching and caring for our children every day. Thank you also to the many parents and whanau who volunteer or assist our school in different ways. You are greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all happy and safe school holidays.

Nga mihi nui,

Vanna Blucher (Chair) and the Matipo Board of Trustees


We value your feedback – please feel free to contact the board at this address: board@staff.matipo.school.nz

Board of Trustees By-election Results

Matipo Primary School

Board of Trustees’ By-Election

Declaration of Parent By-Election Results

Parent representative votes:


Colegate  Hollie                63

Donald Rozanne               53

Lamb Rebecca                   83

Preston Vanessa              89

Rarere Nathan                  104

Smith Phillip                      26

Stunzner Kurt                    37

Wilson Luke                       55


I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Nathan Rarere                   Vanessa Preston              Rebecca Lamb



Jenny Atkins

Returning Officer

BoT By-Election

A message from the Matipo BOT:

Good Afternoon All,

Last night the BOT met to discuss and finalise the upcoming BOT By-Election for our school. Please note the following points for your information;

Voting day for the By-Election has been set for Friday 19th May 2017

The BOT have voted unanimously to increase the make up of the parent voice on the BOT to six members.

At the last BOT meeting the board chose to look for a Returning Officer from within our school cluster to manage the upcoming By-Election. The BOT voted to accept an independent Returning Officer from another school, who is already trained to do the role, is Police vetted and very experienced as a Returning Officer. The selected Returning Officer has undertaken this role at their current school nine times.

Further information regarding the upcoming By-Election is on its way to you soon.


Should you be interested in becoming a Board of Trustees member or want more information please pop in to the school office or speak to one of the current members of the BOT. We are more than willing to share our experiences with you.

Faga Siaki

Parent Rep

BOT Matipo School

A Message From The Board

A message from the Matipo Board of Trustees:

There has been some interest regarding a role as the Returning Officer for the upcoming By-election for trustees of the Board of Trustees for Matipo School.

Firstly, thank you to those who have emailed the BOT about the role, which clearly shows our school community is humming to support wherever they can.

Some important information for you all…
The “Returning Officer” is appointed by the BOT. It is not an advertised position as some people may believe. At the last BOT meeting it was resolved to ask for a Returning Officer from another school to do the job. This person will already be trained to do the job, has been Police vetted and will also be very experienced.

More info to come about the upcoming By-election soon.

Matipo BOT

Out of Zone Enrolment Ballot 2017

August 2016

The board invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their sons and daughters at Matipo Primary School for next year. Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office. Please phone or visit the school office for details of enrolment applications.

The board has determined that no places are likely to be available for out of zone students next year (other than Category B: applicants who are the sibling of a current student of the school), instead the results of the ballot will determine the order of applicants on a waitlist. The exact number of vacancies to arise during next year will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone.

The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is Wednesday 12 th October, 2016.

Parents of students who live within the home zone should also apply by this date to assist the school to plan appropriately for next year. Students who live in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.

Applications from out of zone students will be processed in the following order of priority:

a. First priority must be given to any applicant who is accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school.

b. Second priority must be given to any applicant who is the sibling of a current student of the school.

c. Third priority must be given to any student who is the sibling of a former student of the school.

d. Fourth priority must be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school.

e. Fifth priority must be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school.

f. Sixth priority must be given to all other applicants

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot is required, it will be held on Wednesday 19th October 2016. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.