What is your school roll?

Our peak roll is expected to be 540 in 2014 and 560 in 2015. It is not expected to rise above this figure.

What are the classroom sizes?

These vary from year to year. Normally our class sizes are:
New entrants: 20-22
Juniors: 20-25
Middle: 26-28
Senior: 26-28

These compare favourably with other Auckland schools.

Do you have any bullying?

This depends on how you define bullying. If this means physical stand-over tactics of big children over small children or of gang-type behavior, then the answer is no. There is no tolerance of bullying behavior. However, like any school, we have the usual occasional episodes of children falling out with each other and on other occasions, minor issues like lunch thefts.

How do I know how my child is doing?

We have meet the teacher interviews in February and July, and formal reports in July and December. However, you are encouraged to keep in close communication with the teacher at any time and arrange a meeting with the teacher, syndicate leader or principal at any time you are concerned.

What are the strengths of the school?

Strong discipline, a commitment to children and a commitment to continuous improvement and academic excellence.

What extra-curricula opportunities are there?

Sport, music, after school classes, social trip programme, visiting performers, role model visitors, educational visits and concerts.

What is the Board of Trustees?

It is the elected governors of the school. There are elections held every three years. The Board is responsible for governance, finances, policies and employment of staff. Check the Board of Trustees page for more information.