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BoT By-Election

A message from the Matipo BOT:

Good Afternoon All,

Last night the BOT met to discuss and finalise the upcoming BOT By-Election for our school. Please note the following points for your information;

Voting day for the By-Election has been set for Friday 19th May 2017

The BOT have voted unanimously to increase the make up of the parent voice on the BOT to six members.

At the last BOT meeting the board chose to look for a Returning Officer from within our school cluster to manage the upcoming By-Election. The BOT voted to accept an independent Returning Officer from another school, who is already trained to do the role, is Police vetted and very experienced as a Returning Officer. The selected Returning Officer has undertaken this role at their current school nine times.

Further information regarding the upcoming By-Election is on its way to you soon.


Should you be interested in becoming a Board of Trustees member or want more information please pop in to the school office or speak to one of the current members of the BOT. We are more than willing to share our experiences with you.

Faga Siaki

Parent Rep

BOT Matipo School

A Message From The Board

A message from the Matipo Board of Trustees:

There has been some interest regarding a role as the Returning Officer for the upcoming By-election for trustees of the Board of Trustees for Matipo School.

Firstly, thank you to those who have emailed the BOT about the role, which clearly shows our school community is humming to support wherever they can.

Some important information for you all…
The “Returning Officer” is appointed by the BOT. It is not an advertised position as some people may believe. At the last BOT meeting it was resolved to ask for a Returning Officer from another school to do the job. This person will already be trained to do the job, has been Police vetted and will also be very experienced.

More info to come about the upcoming By-election soon.

Matipo BOT

Out of Zone Enrolment Ballot 2017

August 2016

The board invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their sons and daughters at Matipo Primary School for next year. Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office. Please phone or visit the school office for details of enrolment applications.

The board has determined that no places are likely to be available for out of zone students next year (other than Category B: applicants who are the sibling of a current student of the school), instead the results of the ballot will determine the order of applicants on a waitlist. The exact number of vacancies to arise during next year will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone.

The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is Wednesday 12 th October, 2016.

Parents of students who live within the home zone should also apply by this date to assist the school to plan appropriately for next year. Students who live in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.

Applications from out of zone students will be processed in the following order of priority:

a. First priority must be given to any applicant who is accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school.

b. Second priority must be given to any applicant who is the sibling of a current student of the school.

c. Third priority must be given to any student who is the sibling of a former student of the school.

d. Fourth priority must be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school.

e. Fifth priority must be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school.

f. Sixth priority must be given to all other applicants

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot is required, it will be held on Wednesday 19th October 2016. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

BOT Election Results

Matipo Primary School

Board of Trustees’ Election

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent representative votes:

Blucher, Vanna 146

Bragg, Trudi 184

Lamb, Rebecca 99

Mullord, Claire 156

Parsons, Sonya 75

Preston, Vanessa 69

Reeves, Tamsin 45

Siaki, Faga 154

Smith, Phillip 85

Van Dolleweerd, Jeanne-Marie 195

Windler, David 159

Invalid votes 5


I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Vanna Blucher
Faga Siaki
Claire Mullord
David Windler
Trudi Bragg
Jeanne-Marie Van Dolleweerd


Declaration of Staff Election Results

At the close of nominations, as there was only one valid nomination received I hereby declare Natalie Kennerley duly elected.



Cara Bainbridge

Returning Officer

Board of Trustees Newsletter Term 3

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

The Board of Trustees is elected every three years. We have five parent representatives:
Vanna Blucher Chair
David Windler Treasurer
Trudi Bragg Events
Jeanne-Marie van Dolleweerd Friends of Matipo
Claire Mullord Secretary
Also Natalie Kennerley as the Staff Representative and the Principal.

The Board is responsible for governance and finances. Governance is policy, compliance, legal, suspensions and expulsions, and budgets etc. The Board does not manage the day-to-day running of the school, class placements, curriculum direction etc. The Board act as parent representatives and meet on a monthly basis on the 3rd Monday of the month except in January.

Long Term Maintenance Plan
Various property reports are currently being gathered for the school’s next five year property plan. High on the list is modernisation of the Room 6 – 9 Junior Block, Room 14 and 20 toilet blocks, acoustic ceiling tiles for a couple of rooms, drainage and roofing repairs and the beginnings of a roll out of heat pumps to cover all rooms eventually.

The Board are proud of the achievements of the children this year. We have won four cluster sports tournaments to date: Athletics, Rugby League, Soccer and Cricket. We are also thrilled with our National Standards achievement – better than the National, the Auckland and the Cluster averages.

Please support the school’s recycling of clothes (at the back gate) and cell phones for Starship Hospital (to the office).

More About Our Board Members:

Vanna Blucher
Vanna is the Board Chair. She is currently Deputy Principal of a large primary school but is shortly moving to a new position at a secondary school. Vanna’s passion and interest is in the welfare of children and school achievement.

David Windler
David is a mortgage broker. Prior to this career, David worked for 10 years as a coaching advisor for Auckland Cricket and was a cricket player of some distinction himself. David is the Board Treasurer.

Trudi Bragg
Trudi is a long haul air hostess with Air New Zealand. Trudi is involved in school events and functions and attends all that she can. She also has responsibility on the Board for Maori and Pacific.

Jeanne-Marie van Dolleweerd
Jeanne-Marie is the Friends of Matipo co-ordinator. Since the launch of Friends of Matipo, parents have been involved in helping with the likes of fun day, school athletics, the netball fundraiser, cleaning up after the hall fire and preparing for the santa parade. In Term 1 Friends of Matipo held the Summer on the Green concert, and in Term 2, 250 people attended a screening of the Paddington Bear movie. This term we will host a quiz night for parent and a school disco for children. Anyone who would like to be involved with Friends of Matipo can contact Jeanne-Marie at, or like our Facebook page.

Claire Mullord
Claire has a legal background and experience with care and protection matters for children so is interested in helping make sure the school’s policies and communications are clear and easily understood. Claire has enjoyed her role on the BOT and the insight it has given her into the hard work that goes into making Matipo such a great school. She says we have a strong and ethically very sound Board of Trustees and parents should feel confident that the best interests of the children are put first at all times.

Natalie Kennerley
Natalie is the staff representative. She has been teaching at Matipo for 9 years. Prior to this, she was a children’s book buyer for Dymocks Book Shop chain.

School Rules Policy

Due to recent high profile cases involving school rules, we’ve undertaken a review of our School Rules Policy for clarification. We welcome any feedback to

Matipo Primary School
School Rules Policy 2014 Draft

Rationale: The school needs to have rules which are precise, transparent and easily understood.
Purpose: All organisations have rules, expectations and consequences. One of the roles of the school is to assist in the socialisation of children to societal norms. The rules take this into consideration while also assisting with ensuring children’s overall safety at school.

1. Travel to and from school

a. Bikes:

i. Children from year 4 and above may ride bikes to and from school but must wear a helmet at all times.

ii. Children from year 0-3 may do the same, wearing a helmet, but must be accompanied by a parent or other adult for the entire journey.

b. Scooters:

i. Children may ride scooters to and from school but must wear a helmet at all times.

c. Inside school grounds:

i. Children may not ride bikes or scooters within the school grounds and must “walk” them to the parking areas.

2. Child Safety and behaviour at school

a. Children may not leave the school grounds during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or other adult and signed out at the School Office before departure.

b. Matipo School has a zero tolerance policy towards violence. Violence can be defined as, but not limited to: Physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, including, but not limited to, intimidation, harassment, damage to property, threats of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or psychological abuse.

c. No children are permitted to be inside the classrooms at lunchtime or breaks without a teacher or staff member present.

d. Children are not permitted to use computer equipment without a teacher or staff member present.

e. Balls are not to be kicked inside classrooms, or near windows in the area covered by the archgola covering.

3. Sun Safety

a. From Labour Weekend until the end of term one each year, children are required to wear hats at lunchtime and during breaks. If a child does not wear a hat, he or she will be required to remain in shaded areas during breaks.

4. Dress standards

a. Matipo Primary school encourages individual expression of children’s personalities, and the following rules exist for safety reasons and to reflect the values of the school.

i. No dangly earrings to be worn at school.

ii. No cosmetic makeup to be worn at school.

iii. Children are encouraged not to have extreme hairstyles (for example mohawks, rat tails, carvings).

iv. Children are encouraged not to wear valuable jewellery to school.

5. Personal belongings and mobile devices

a. Children are strongly encouraged not to bring valuable or sentimentally important items to school.

b. Any mobile phones or devices must be handed to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the school day and will be returned at the end of the school day.

c. The school takes no responsibility for any items which are brought to school and are lost or stolen at school.

6. Intentional Damage to school property

a. Where the Board of Trustees is satisfied that a child has intentionally caused damage to school property, parents or guardians will be contacted and asked to contribute to the cost of replacement.

Facts about the School Hall Debate

In response to the Te Atatu Peninsula community Facebook thread which many will have read, these are some factual answers to some of the statements made:

That we have known maximum numbers for years.

The letter received from the Fire Service dated 3rd February 2014 was the first we knew of any specific number limit.

That we put children’s lives in danger.

We immediately stopped any singing and formal assemblies in the hall until further notice.

What actions did we take?

We immediately contacted the Ministry of Education and our property consultant. The property consultant contacted our architect and a fire engineer. A remedial plan is being formulated.

Why did we put it in the newsletter?

Because we believe in transparency and parents had been asking why we were no longer having singing assemblies. The explanation in the newsletter was factual, accurate and professional.

That the Board and the Principal are neglecting the safety of children at Matipo.

This is absolutely farcical. Not only did we immediately take the actions described above, we are currently consulting on a new policy on protecting children from paedophilia, we are constantly on about child safety on bikes and scooters and parental parking issues which endanger children’s lives.

Caretaker Position

Matipo Primary School needs a caretaker as our present one is retiring after 8 years.

We need someone who is very versatile and can multi task in a number of areas. The successful applicant:
• Will have good interpersonal skills.
• They will be fit and active and in good health (some lifting and climbing is involved).
• They should be self directed and able to work without supervision.
• They should be able to undertake various repairs, small projects and minor building and grounds projects and not be adverse to a bit of painting.
• You will have some interest in trees and gardening and mow using both a hand mower and ride on.
• You will be responsible for rubbish collection.
• You should be able to correctly maintain various machinery including a chain saw, mower, ride-on, leaf blower and weed eater.
• You will be honest, have good work ethic and will be subject to police vetting (a requirement for all school employees).
• A sense of humour is required.
• You will be required to operate the school coal fired boiler for which training will be provided.
• Hours are 7.30-12.00, 1.30-5pm full time.
• Holidays can only be taken in the school holidays – 3 weeks at Christmas, 1 week taken during the term holidays.
• The salary will be dependent on experience and the range is available on request.
• The position will start Wednesday 26th March.

Applications are by a C.V. including all contact details, written references and an employer reference to;

Matipo Primary School
63B Matipo Road
Te Atatu Peninsula, 0610

Email –

Applications close Wedneday 12th March 2014