Board of Trustees Newsletters

Matipo Board of Trustees  TERM ONE NEWSLETTER                   13 April, 2018

Dear Matipo community,

School on the Move
The momentum of positive change has continued at Matipo this term.  Some have found this exciting and some have found it a little scary.  Change is inevitable but can also be turbulent.  Thank you for your support, trust and perseverance as we negotiate these times of transition with our school management. Remember, please keep the lines of communication open if you are unsure or worried about anything new, or want to tell us about the things you love!  Your child’s teacher, Syndicate Leader or our principal Paul Wright welcome your email or call, or make an appointment for a chat.

Digital Technology – He waka eke noa
A canoe which we are all in with no exception
One of the areas that the Board has been making decisions about recently is Digital Technology.  All learners at Matipo are required by the New Zealand curriculum to be provided with the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals, from the beginning of 2020.  We know there are quite rightly a lot of questions and consultation required around topics such as Bring Your Own Device and Internet Safety and a community consultation evening will be held 7pm, 10th of May.  We look forward to continuing to work through the challenges and opportunities this brings with our school community, for the benefit of all of our children.

New Charter
Our 2018 School Charter was finalised this term, and what a fantastic strategic plan for Matipo we now have.  A huge thank you to our staff and principal who worked to hard on creating the new Charter.  It is available to view now in the school foyer and on the school website.  We encourage all of our Matipo community to have a good read.

Student Achievement
This term Matipo children excelled in Athletics, the Soap Box Derby, our new Enrichment Programmes, Cricket and Athletics Zones,  Camps, the Student-Led Conferences and our Inter-House Competitions to name a few areas!  The whole school is working towards giving students more autonomy and responsibilities via student leadership, and it is heartening to see this happening across many areas of the school already.

Next Meeting
Board of Trustees meetings are now held twice each term.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th May at 7pm in the staffroom.  All welcome.

Wishing all parents and whanau, teachers and children an enjoyable term break.

Ngā mihi nui,
Vanna Blucher (Chair) and the Matipo Board of Trustees

The bright revamped Matipo foyer, with examples of student work on the walls.