Board of Trustees

School Boards consist of community representatives elected formally every three years plus one staff representative plus the principal. Boards are responsible for the governance of the school as opposed to its day to day management which is the responsibility of the principal.

Trustees                                                                                                                                          Natalie Kennerley Staff Rep, Rebecca Lamb Board Chairperson, Vanessa Preston Parent Rep, Paul Wright Principal, Nathan Rarere Parent Rep

Board Meetings
Are generally held twice a term in week 3 and week 8 at 7pm in the staffroom.  Dates are advertised in the school newsletter and Facebook page the week prior.  These are open meetings but visitors do not have speaking rights except by invitation of the Chair at General Business time.  All welcome.

You are welcome to contact the Matipo Board of Trustees at

You are welcome to contact the Chairperson directly at