Maggie Forrest

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B.Ed Hons

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland I moved to New Zealand in 2005 with Kenny and our son Dylan. I also have a daughter Lucy, who was born here in 2007.  I graduated from Strathclyde University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Education, Honours degree.  Since then I have taught 4 year olds up to 18 year olds.  As well as teaching in Glasgow, I lived and worked in London for 3 years, returning to Glasgow in 2000.  The five years before moving to New Zealand, I worked with children from all around the world.  These children were asylum seekers fleeing political and religious persecution.  My role was to teach these children English and Maths and to help them integrate into mainstream education.  I first began teaching part-time at Matipo in 2007.  I became a full-time teacher in 2011.  I enjoy teaching science and literacy.  Most of my free time is spent with Dylan and Lucy, usually taking them to soccer, touch, cricket, ballet or swimming lessons. We love going to the beach, fishing and camping.