Kahu Kuchel



Kia Ora,

Ko Kahu Kuchel taku ingoa,

No Ngapuhi ahau.

My teaching experience has been focused in West Auckland. Mostly teaching at Junior level, at which the focus was on building a solid foundation of the basics of Reading, Writing and Maths, developing shared learning experiences, also developing critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills.

I also have experience teaching in an Alternative Education setting, where the students were high needs/risk. There was a strong focus on re-connecting these students with their Maoritanga, in the process of re-engaging such students with mainstream education or work training.

A safe classroom environment where children feel confident to share ideas, discuss, debate and resolve issues is imperative to good teaching and learning. A reciprocity of respect is something that needs to be established and maintained between teacher and students, and between the students themselves. The class is a Whanau community in which we care for each other, and eventually, behaviour becomes self-regulating as class expectations are built and maintained.

Matipo kids are some of the nicest, smartest, creative and most enthusiastic kids I have taught. I have also been surprised at the level of cultural awareness that the students at Matipo Primary School have. It is a pleasure to teach the kids of Matipo.

Personally, I love the energy and enthusiasm that Matipo kids bring to the classroom and in my own experience I have found that as long as the lesson is prepared to a suitable level to the students’ abilities, and has a relevant purpose coupled with a positive teaching approach, then you have the ingredients for a great lesson. The feeling that you are having a direct input into the shaping and development of the young lives in our community is what inspires me and keeps me coming back.