Jill Jessop

Room 8 – Deputy Principal – jill@matipo.school.nzjill


I have been a teacher at Matipo School now for 15 years. In that time I have taught in all areas of the school, including the gifted and talented class. I have two passions in my life (we won’t mention chardonnay), teaching and astronomy/science. I am lucky enough to be involved in both. I get great pleasure seeing children that are new to school develop their own individual personalities, wants and needs around learning. Some come to it ready to take advantage of all school has to offer and thirst for answers to lots of questions. Others come not ready for school or learning but involve themselves and try the best they can. There are also those who would rather not be here but they too come to enjoy school, friends and the relationships that they build with their teachers, especially their first…we are often quoted at the dinner table! I always tell new parents that I promise not to believe everything that their children say about home life if they promise not to believe everything the children say happens at school! In 15 years I have some very interesting stories that I could share!

I myself have never stopped learning and I still have a passion to learn more which I do of an evening peering at the night sky. I am fascinated by all things astronomical and love finding out answers through science. I just hope that I can also share that passion with the children in my class, nobody but Carl Sagan can express things as elegantly or as simple.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
– Carl Sagan