Special Programmes

“A school committed to children and to the provision of quality educational programmes”

1. School of Performing Arts

We make strong provision to the Arts and opportunities for children to experience and participate in a variety of ways.
– Music Education Centre – Keyboard lessons, guitar lessons
– Specialist Music – Choir
– School Band
– After School Classes
– Art
– See also, Outreach Programme

2. Outreach Programme
To provide challenge, variety and enjoyment to children, we have a varied Outreach Programme. This includes:
– Role Model Assemblies
– Visiting Performers
– Social Trip Programmes
– Curriculum based visits
We recognize the importance of providing direct experiences to children.
-kids must enjoy school, be challenged, be involved and be successful.”

3. Value Added Programmes
For many years we have made strong provision to providing an enriched curriculum for children to extend the various educational opportunities available to them and provide various specialist teaching options.
– Te Reo Maori
– Polynesian Club
– Info Skills Library Specialist
– Computer Technician Tutor
– Waterwise Canoe Programme
– Trees for Survival Programme

4. Remedial Assistance Programme
Matipo School has a long tradition of making a strong provision and commitment to those children needing extra help in various curriculum areas. We have been addressing achievement issues and trying to close the gap for a decade. Most support programmes for children are now inclusive, i.e. done within the rooms with no withdrawal groups except for two special programmes.

5. Success Through Sport
We try hard to provide a balanced programme for children and being proactive
rather then reactive is an important part of our school philosophy. We provide opportunities for children to experience success through sport by:
– Interschool exchanges and field days
– Saturday Netball
– Lunchtime coached sport – cricket, softball, t-ball, rugby, soccer, league, hockey & netball.
Parents, teachers and ancillary staff are involved in our sports programmes.

6. Child Protection
We demonstrate our commitment towards children by a strong advocacy programme for children. This includes the use of:
– School Counsellor
– Public Health Nurse
– Pacifika Health
– Youth Aid
– Health Promoting Schools Network
– School Lawyer

7. Community Involvement
Matipo School is closely involved in a strong community networking programme. We take part in and have strong links with the following community organizations:
– Te Atatu Residents & Ratepayers Association
– Rotary Club of Waitakere City
– Trees for Survival Inc.
– West Auckland Teaching Excellence Awards Trust
– Police Youth Aide Advisory Group
– Western Districts Community Foundation Trust