This school is a child centered school. The most important thing is children. We are here for children.

We provide a balanced curriculum with variety, enrichment, encouragement and challenge, to meet the needs of all children.

Our expectations of both staff and children, are formal. Staff are to act as good role models, to be professional, to be well planned and prepared, to be fair and caring and to demonstrate a commitment to the school, it's policies and it's children, as well as to each other.

Our expectations of children are to be the best that they can be and to take full advantages of all that the school offers, in terms of sports, after school classes, performances and learning opportunities. We expect children to have:
-positive self image
-self discipline
-social and cultural awareness

We are a non-violent school. There is to be no physical or verbal violence or aggression from either pupils or staff. This doesn't mean that children might not be shouted at on occasions, but this will always be in a controlled manner. A verbal assault is just as bad as a physical assault.

We try to be a gentle, friendly school with plenty for children to do and an emphasis on making school enjoyable. We try and set parameters rather than having ridged rules. Every child is treated with dignity, respect and equity and every child who gets into trouble gets a chance. However, we have set expectations and standards and children who ignore the standards must expect and accept the consequences – because there will be consequences.

Decision making is done on the basis of collecting as much information as possible, consulting as appropriate and making a decision in the best interest of the whole school not in the vested interests of a few, then communicating that decision.

In the terms of the school administration, We believe in utilizing people's strengths and compensating their weaknesses. We believe we have very good communication systems in place and staff know from the first day of school:
-Due dates
-Topics and events
-Special occasions
-School systems

The management style is relaxed and caring but with formal a underpinning. The parameters are known and set but staff then left to their own professionalism to implement them. We are fortunate in having such a strong, committed, independent and professional staff. I respect their independence and professionalism. Staff however are expected to follow school policy and programmes and to make a commitment to our school Kaupapa.

The four syndicates operate as separate, autonomous syndicates with syndicate leaders having primary responsibility for syndicate operation, discipline, assessment and planning. Syndicate leaders do not intervene in other syndicates and must have full regard for their role model obligations in terms of dress, deportment, treatment of children and meeting administrative deadlines.

Planning, assessment, reports etc. of syndicate leaders should be done best and first.