International Students


Matipo School provides learning opportunities for International Students to study in a New Zealand primary school. The primary aim is to enable International students to be totally immersed in an English speaking classroom.

At this school we are prepared to enrol International students on either a term by term basis, or for a full year tuition of $10,430. All International students are required to pay an enrolment and tuition fee.

International students at Matipo School are enrolled in regular classes. As well, they also receive specific English instruction from our Teacher with International Student Responsibility.

All International students participate in a wide variety of school activities including academic lessons, sports, cultural activities, class trips, arts and music.

We hope all International students enjoy their experience at Matipo School and that they learn something of New Zealand life. We expect them to achieve well in all curriculum areas and to study satisfactorily in English.

International Student Information Booklet