Code of Behaviour

Respect for Yourself

Bike helmets must be worn and bikes walked in the school grounds. Only children from Year 4 and above may ride to school.
Cross quickly and quietly at the crossings under the warden’s direction.
Dress in neat and tidy clothing – no extremes.
Go straight home – walk with someone else. Do not play in the carpark, toilets or behind the school.

Respect for Others

Don’t call out – put up your hand.
Don’t talk when another person is talking, especially the teacher.
Be kind to each other.
There is no violence in this school.
No scabbing lunches from others.
Show excellent manners and fair play at all times.
Don’t touch other people’s property.

Respect for Property

Put all rubbish in bins.
Do not break the plants or trees.
Do not mark or damage school property.
On fine days no one should be inside the rooms.
Carefully look after reading and library books.