STRIKE DAY – Monday 12th November

Teachers Strike on Monday 12th November
I can now confirm that  Matipo Road School will be closed on Monday 12th November for safety reasons. All the teachers will be on strike on that day.
Our first Motu Moana Camp starts on Tuesday 13th, and will not be affected.
SKIDS will offer a Supervision and Care  programme  on that day, for children already enrolled with them, just like their Holiday supervision programme when the school is also  closed. They do not offer alternative education.
School Day Finishing time
Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey about the finish times for the end of the school day. We had 206 families responded, with 170 in favour of fixing it at 3 pm all year round.  After discussion with the Commissioner, I confirm that the end of the school day will remain at 3 pm all year round, with children supervised as they leave site until 3.15pm.
Thank you to everyone who responded.
We would like to  to continue with our after school programme all year.