Spotlight on Staff – Phillip Simpson

Traa la la! My name is Captain Underpants and I teach in Room 22. I have been fighting crime and teaching at Matipo for 16 years. During that time, I have battled many evildoers and have taught years 1-6. Before teaching and being a superhero, I worked as an archaeologist, a museum curator, an army officer cadet and in human resource management in London and Sydney. I once owned a comic shop. I have travelled through Africa, Nepal, Europe, Indonesia and South America. In 2015, I was awarded study leave by the Ministry of Education and completed my Masters in Creative Writing (1st class honours) from the University of Auckland.

In addition, I also have a BA in Archaeology and Ancient History, a Masters (Hons) in Archaeology and post graduate diplomas in Teaching, Education, Human Resource Management and Museum Studies. I have almost finished the second year of my Doctorate in Education at Auckland University of Technology and I hope to finish it in the next 3 years. Teaching writing is my passion. I write both fiction and non-fiction books for children and teenagers and have had over 100 books published (including 9 novels), mostly for the education sector. I have written books on how to teach writing as well as other teaching resources.

I love reading, writing, boxing, playing golf, fishing and football. My wife Rose and I have one son (Jack – in Room 2) and two border terriers (Whiskey and Raffles – not in Room 2). We have lived on the Peninsula for the last 16 years and love this community.