BoT Statement

Dear Parent and Caregivers,

The Matipo Road School Board of Trustees would like to update you about a series of historical concerns.

Once these concerns were identified, the Board requested assistance from Ministry of Education (MOE) and New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) to assist the Senior Leadership Team to investigate these irregularities. Independent investigators were employed by the board, who confirmed that the risks had already been removed from the school  and that no children had been directly affected.

The Board decided  that further action was required and referred the matter on to the Education Council and the Police. We can confirm that these are historical matters and no current staff are the subjects of the investigation. There is also no risk to school operations or ability to deliver quality educational outcomes for our children.

We would like to acknowledge the integrity and professionalism of our Principal Paul Wright, the senior management team and investigators during this time. We will continue to be actively engaged with MOE and NZSTA to ensure appropriate action is taken.

If you have any concerns please contact the Board at

Vanna Blucher (Board Chair)