Newsletter – 1st March 2018

Greetings to everyone

 Things are busy and exciting! There is always a lot going on – Soap Box Derby, Cricket, Storytellers, Tug o’War… At the moment our teams are busy finalising budgets and planning for our camps later in the year. Any parents who are involved must submit a Police Vetting Check beforehand. This is easy and we will organise this for you. The first off the block is our Year 2 Camp at school, good time to find out, which teachers really do snore.

It’s brilliant that so many parents are able to join us at our assemblies on Friday afternoons. We will continue to meet outside as long as we can so everyone can join us.  These assemblies will be run by individual classes and they give us a chance to celebrate achievement as well. Once we have to go inside then we will have to do things differently because of the limitations of space and fire exits in the hall.

Our house leaders are now running Monday Assemblies. These are inside the hall and we are limited for space, which is a shame because we would love to share them. If you would like to squeeze in because something is happening for your child then that’s easy, but we cannot accommodate more than a handful of parents – yet. We are determined to improve this situation! I am now investigating how we can improve and extend our current hall to fit everyone in safely. We will also do something about our terrible Public Address systems, inside and outside.

Our Foyer has been a bit of a mess. We have lowered the counter but we had to get the old pipework removed before we could do the next bit. Soon we will install come colourful display boards so we can share our wonderful student artwork, writing and so on. They are scheduled for installation before the need of the term. Next thing is to create a system for deliveries so we don’t have boxes and packages waiting for distribution in our shared spaces. Thanks for being patient. There have been a lot of changes in the last term and a half – just close your eyes and think back….

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our student-led conferences. Hopefully you got an accurate picture of how your child is getting on, and the challenges they now face. But to be honest it was a bit early in the year to see much. Our next mid-year reports will look a bit different to last time. The Student Conferences that follow on will give you a chance to talk about work outcomes and to see evidence of progress since the start of the year.

Parents are the most important audience for children to talk about and to share their learning. It was wonderful to see so many students sharing their learning with such enthusiasm and excitement. Many took over an hour to talk about what they are doing with you guys. They were bringing their world at school into their other more important family world. By making time to do this you add enormous significance and value to the learning process for your child – probably the most powerful single thing that parents can do for their child’s learning.

As for teachers, they worked really hard with students to prepare them for these meetings and to empower each child to take ownership and to lead. The difference is that this had to happen before the conferences, so children were empowered on the night.

There’s always lots more to write about but that will have to wait for next week…

Nga mhi nui



Tug Of War

On Monday February 25th, the year five and sixes of Kikorangi Blue House practiced seven Tug-O-War matches against Kowhai Yellow House. At the start of lunch eating, The Blue and Yellow House Leaders met up at the Bottom Field.

Many people from Blue and Yellow House arrived after lunch eating. It was a hard game but in the end, Kowhai Yellow won most of the practices. Blue did win about three though.

We hope everyone is excited for the next round!

Written by Charlie Preston, and Ian Lim

Yesterday was tug of war trials for Red and Green houses. We all met on the bottom field at lunch time. The Green house won the first match that we competed in.  Yeah! The Green house won! In the second match we pulled and pulled the rope, it kept slipping through our hands but finally the Green house won!!    Go Green!!!
After that it was the year 6`s from Green against year 6`s from Red.  Again we pulled with all our strength, but to our surprise the Red House Year 6`s won against us.  We were shocked! It was so loud with everyone clapping and cheering because they won, it happened every time a team won. Then it was the year 5`s turn. They pulled as hard as they could and they ….won!!! They must have pulled very hard because I heard them telling their friends that their hands were sore!  Overall Green House won the most matches. I think the Green house will do very well on Friday when we compete properly.  Both houses did very well, I am very proud of the Green House        Go Green!!!
Best of luck to Green, Blue, Yellow and Red houses
By Brooke R. Kearney Room 15, Year 6


House Point System by Lola Harris-Dennerly – Yr 5 – Room 19

As deputy house leader, I have become quite a big part of organising the house point system. Me and the rest of the house leader community have worked very hard on creating the perfect design system. We hope it will be coming very soon.

Cricket Field Day

The Matipo cricket team ventured across the road to Neil Ave with a big smile on their faces.

It was Tuesday 27th of February and it was inter-school cricket field day.

Matipo’s A Team, B Team and girls team all soared into the finals.

In the end Matipo proudly lifted the trophy over their heads and anticipated their ice blocks.

By Noah Smylie, year 6, Room 13.

Andy the Storyteller

On Tuesday, Andy the Storyteller came to Matipo. Everyone got to see him at different times. Andy was very funny. He made lots of funny noises that made everyone laugh. Some of the children had to pretend to be different animals. He told us old tales from Japan. It was lots of fun!

By Isabel Bibby, Year 4, Room 22

On Tuesday afternoon, Andy the storyteller popped in to tell the class an interesting story about the first time he got a pair of glasses, or spectacles as he called them. Using different voices for each character, Andy was funny and amazing. He also took questions from the children.

By Kahu Kuchel-Barrales, Year 6, Room 12


Netball Enrollments 2018

Netball enrollments are due in by Friday 16th March.  Enrollment forms can be found on the Matipo website in the ‘notices’ section.



The Mana Syndicate will be selling frozen Juicies on Athletics Day.  

$2 each.

All proceeds to go towards camp.


Matipo Friends & Whanau

Movie Night

Matipo Friends and Whanau bring you a Movie Night Fundraiser. Come along to enjoy “The Feel Good Film of the Year”

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Screening starts 8:00pm

West City Cinemas

Mix and mingle from 7:15pm in reserved bar area

Tickets $15 including movie and popcorn

Please pay to school bank account direct make sure you put your name and MATIPO MOVIE on the reference to get your ticket reserved.

Matipo Primary School – ASB – 12-3038-0271694-001


Family Picnic

Matipo Friends and Whanau invite you to come along after athletics day on Tuesday 6th March and enjoy a picnic. We will be having a sausage sizzle and encourage you to bring along a picnic and enjoy the company of your fellow Matipo families and teachers.

Sausage sizzle $2 each.

Fundraising Poll

Matipo Friends & Whanau are planning some fundraisers for 2018. Please visit the link below to have your say.

Mana Enrichment. Wednesday Week 5

Today Mrs Kennerley’s Group “Eat What You Sow” learnt all about how to plant a plant. They discussed the names of the tools they were using and also talked about what plants need to be able to grow. They planted some carrot, spring onion and basil plants.

In “The Great Outdoors” with Mr Osborn the children learnt all about teamwork, communication and problem solving. Their challenge this afternoon was to work in small groups to put up a tent. The children really enjoyed this activity, and the wind this afternoon added to the challenge.