NEWSLETTER #35 November 2nd

Dear Parents, Families and Friends,

This is my third week at Matipo. People are still being patient with me. That’s great because I have so much to learn. It is wonderful to see so much going on at our school, with zoo trips, Aladdin Trouble, cake stalls, cross country, hikoi – you name it!

National standards were based on mistrust, the assumption that schools would get better through high-stakes external accountability. They are gone. Instead we will build high-trust internal accountability, to ourselves, to our community, and especially to our children.

What will change – We can work to help each child get better than they are already, rather than getting better than other children. We can work on helping our school get better than it was before, rather than better than other schools.

What will not change – We will still report student progress to you regularly and whenever you ask us. We will still focus on reading and writing and maths, though now it will be easier to focus on science, music, drama, art, I.T…

And I think it just got a little bit easier to persuade good people to ‘go teaching’.

You might have noticed that we are now looking for a new school administrator and a caretaker. In the meantime we have some temporary helpers. Carl Roberts and Chris Cooper will share responsibility for looking after the school, locking and unlocking and maintaining the grounds and services. Claire Dimmock will help out in the office and ‘front of house’. Josh Angel is trouble shooting our IT problems and helping fix a few technological issues. They will help us keep all the plates spinning in the meantime.

We have been playing catch up with our police checks. Anyone who might have access to children at school must go through this every three years, which means every one of us. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient.

Nga mihi nui,


Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.30 pm in the hall for the Tamariki & Aroha Syndicates, and will be hosted by Room 25.

Less than a week now until the school spectacular Aladdin Trouble.
Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th November – 7pm start.
Tickets $5 each, on sale now from the office. Selling fast – don’t miss out!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Cross Country.
Year 0 Indiana Clews | Braxton Gillard
Year 1 Amelie Pilot-Rowsell | Nathan Yovich
Year 2 Ashlee Hari | Reuben Lee Sang
Year 3 Hazel Masters-King | Jude Brem
Year 4 Ava Marsters | Nathan Bundock
Year 5 Brooke Hari | Dylan Chapman
Year 6 Grace Jarvie-Otufangavalu | Lucas Adams