Thank You!

Thank you to the following parents who have so wonderfully supported the school with their voluntary service for sushi distribution and for road patrols supervision.

Sushi: Diane Berben, Nicky Beazley, Tanya Howie, Lisa Hamilton, Tania Bowen, Vanessa Preston, Amanda Lowe, Anita Corcoran, Kim Schriefer, Alex Yovich, Natasa Vujnovich, Alexia Santamaria, Linda Crombie, Karen Bosnich-Wood, and Tori Cotton-Everitt.

Road Patrols: Debra Stuart, Lisa Biesheuvel, Talia Pilalis, Libby Clark, Trudi Bragg, Luke Reid, Bea Traub and Julie Ellis.

Also a special thanks to Navin Ramachandran, who has been hosting computer programming classes voluntarily over the last three years.

We really appreciate your support.