Newsletter #20 June 29th

Warm Welcome To
Nathan Brunel-Morvan, Rosa Skellon and Justin Tran. We wish you a long and enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary School.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Nathan Brunel-Morvan, Mikayla Tombs, Ella Page-Wood, Rosa Skellon, Arthur Bell, Emily Stuart, Zac Wilson, Justin Tran, Eve Lambourn-Bennett, Henry Ramsay, Matthew Rockel, Carlos Cash, Ethan Clark, Billie Circuitt, Isabella Dodd and Aiden Sanderson.

Book Week
Last week we had the excitement of the Book Fair. A total of $11,500 worth of books were sold, of which $4,000 commission was earned for Mrs Knight to buy new books for the library. Thank you for all your support and especially to our volunteers Ally Gracewood, Kirsty Ibbotson, Merryn Robertson, Tori Cotton-Everitt, Ellen Williams, Karen Dobbs, Vanessa Preston, Jill Jessop, Jude Brunel-Morvan, Linda Crombie, Vicky Petley, Natalie Kennerley, Lisa Hamilton, Alex Yovich, Hollie Colegate, Joanna Holland, Kristie Penwarden, Janine Thomas, Amanda Lowe, Scott Faulder and Kelly Rarere.
Book Week concluded with a Book Character Parade presented by the Taonga, Aroha and Mana syndicates. What a wonderful effort by children and staff. The overall winners for their costumes were Jacob Hallows, George Fisk, Brianna McMahon, Imogen Wroe and Cassandra Kinross. Photos of the parade can be seen on our Facebook page.

Term 3 After School Classes
Enrolments for Term 3 after school classes opened this morning. We have five after school classes to offer. Please see the enrolment form for more information.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.15 pm in the hall for the Tamariki and Aroha Syndicates, and will be hosted by Room 7.

If you have any spare pants for children, we’d love to have them for our sick bay. Also, any unused newspaper for our art room.

Soccer Field Day
There were many tired kids and satisfied parents at this week’s soccer field day. The boys A-team just missed the final finishing a credible 3rd place. The boys B-team won their competition. The NFF organised a non-competitive girls football tournament. The players of the day were Seth Stylianou, Josiah Tavita and Chelsea Doughty. Thank you Mr Simpson and Mr Nemaia for a great day, and to parents Bruce Ellis, Steven Bonkovich and Andrew van Dolleweerd for helping out. Also to the refs from Rutherford College, particularly three ex-Matipo students – Ryan Verney, Dylan McDonald and Joshua Smith.

Urgent – Parent Wardens Wanted
We are seeking parent help at the busy corner of Taikata & Matipo Road crossing on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Please call the office, 834 6909, or see Mrs Clark, Rm 1 if you can assist (8.00am – 8:45am or 2.45pm – 3.05pm). If you are able to assist on any other day, we would love to hear from you.

Term Dates
June 30 School Speech Competition 11.30am
July 04 Learning Expo 9am – 10am
07 Term 2 Ends
24 Term 3 Starts

Learning Expo
Tuesday 4th July 9 – 10am
All classes welcome you to join them in this term’s Learning Expo.
This is an opportunity to visit your child’s class, look at their books, and see their work displayed. Each class will have a little experience planned where they will demonstrate their learning or talk about their learning outcomes.
We would love to see you there!