Newsletter #11 April 13th

The last week of school is upon us. School finishes today and restarts on Monday 1st May. Remember that in Term 2 and 3 we revert to winter hours with lunchtime shortened by 15 minutes, and school finishing at 2.45pm. Children whose parents cannot pick them up until 3pm can be supervised in the library until 3pm.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Celeste Parsons, Jakob McCourt, Rylan Morpeth, Ryan Randhawa, Tyler Aickin, Leon Chapman, Rydar James and Leo Pickford. Happy Birthday over the holidays to Jasmine McCourt, Connor Wilmoth, Nathan Yovich, Tegan Coyle, Darcy Rarere, Olivia Davies, Piper Donaldson, Madison Smith, Mathilda Brem, Ruby Mitchell, Sofia Urlovic, Brianna McMahon, ShantiPushpal Ramachandran, Charlie Llewellyn, Harrison Avery, Jessica Lynch-Blosse, Daysha Williams, Isaiah Warren, Jah-Dane Murray, Jessie Holmes and James Lancaster.

Poetry Contest
Congratulations to this year’s poetry competition finalists and winners.
Year 1 Billie Circuitt Year 4 Charlie Preston
Year 2 Lylah Daros-Motta Year 5 Katija Luke
Year 3 Wyatt Scrimgeour Year 6 Julia Rosser

Update Contact Details
If you have recently changed any contact details including your current address or contact number, it is important that the office is aware in case of a situation where we need to contact you. Please advise the office if your contact details need updating.

Term 2 Assemblies
To keep within our hall capacity of 623 people, we need to split the school assembly into two. The Tamariki and Aroha syndicates will have assembly on the odd weeks, starting in Week 1, and the Taonga and Mana syndicates will have their assemblies on the even weeks. We will announce which assembly will be held in the weekly newsletter.

Term 2 After School Classes
There are currently still vacancies in the following after school classes:
Kids Yoga Te Atatu Yoga Tuesday 3pm – 4pm Years 1 – 6 $65
Chess Club Chess Power Thursday 3pm – 4pm Years 4 – 6 $80
Mandarin Ray Chen Friday 3pm – 4pm Years 3 – 5 $60

A BIG Thank You
Thanks to those magnificent parents who help with the road patrols at the busy intersection of Taikata and Matipo Roads: Debra Stuart, Julie Ellis, Luke Reid, Bea Traub, Lisa Biesheuvel, Talia Pilalis, and Libby Clark.
In addition, another big thanks to those parents who help with the sushi deliveries on a Friday. I think the record number of orders was 260. Without the help of these parents, we wouldn’t be able to have sushi orders: Nicky Beazley, Natasha Vujnovich, Lisa Hamilton, Diane Berben, Tori Cotton-Everitt, Tanya Howie, Tania Bowen, Stacey Jackson, Kim Schriefer, Bea Traub, Vanessa Preston and Sonya Parsons.
A special thanks to John Vujnovich from Harvey’s for a $500 donation from the successful sale of a house listed with him by a Matipo parent.
Lastly, a special thank you to Kelly Rarere, who for the past year, has been providing extra lunches for those children without. Thanks Kelly, you are a superstar!

Brownie Achievement
Special congratulations to Isobel Lamb who has been awarded her Gold Koru, the highest achievement badge a Brownie can earn. Isobel Lamb, Amelia Hamilton and Ruby Masters-King have also earnt their Brownie-Guide Link badge, joining them to their nearest Girl Guides unit in Henderson. Well done!

Congratulations to all children on a successful term, and very best wishes to you all for a lovely Easter break!!

School Newsletter
From the start of Term 2, we are transitioning over to an e-newsletter as opposed to a paper copy each week. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our school newsletter using the following link: Our school newsletter is also available on Facebook and our website. If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, please fill and return the slip below.
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