Newsletter #10 April 6th

A parent has contacted me about the amount of sweet foods coming into the school. I have reminded staff about using lollies as a reward, but need to also ask parents for your child’s birthday, not to send complete birthday parties to school including cake, treats, drinks, lollies, etc. Just a small cake if anything. Some children have medical conditions which prevents them from eating certain foods. Alternatively, you could think about healthier options. Thanks for your consideration.

Warm Welcome To
Tiaki Ngahere, Patrick Ngahere and Rebekah Bell. We wish you a long and enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Dylan Chapman, Iosua Simona, Mia Joe, Alana White, Khalone Tanoa-McPherson, Chad van Dolleweerd, Rebekah Bell, Kael Brown, Blake Cotton-Everitt, Leigh Petch, Scarlett Dawson, Aimee Lines and Jessica Stevenson.

Congratulations to Jacob Wilson and Ashlee Nemaia who finished 4th and 5th in the Waitakere Soapbox Derby and have qualified for the Nationals to be held in Whangaparaoa this Sunday. Thanks to Mr Nemaia, for the tremendous amount of time and enthusiasm he puts into the Soapbox Derby.

BOT Email Address

Seeking Information
If you want to know something about the school or a school event, please ask the school directly, or see the school’s website or Facebook page for the correct information.

Easter Hunt and Easter Bonnet Parade
On Wednesday 12th April, Friends of Matipo are hosting two events. The first is the Easter Bonnet Parade starting at 9am. All children are invited to create an Easter themed hat and join the parade. The second is an Easter Hunt from 2pm. As part of the Easter Hunt, we are seeking donations of small prizes including, erasers, pencils, wrapped Easter Eggs, pens or other suitable gifts. Thank you to those that have already brought something in, we are overwhelmed by your generosity.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.30pm in the hall and will be hosted by Room 22.

Update Contact Details
If you have recently changed any contact details including your current address or contact number, it is important that the office is aware in case of a situation where we need to contact you. Please advise the office if your contact details need updating.

Medical Considerations
As previously mentioned, we have a child at our school who is diagnosed with cancer. We request that you please contact the school as soon as possible if your child comes into contact with chickenpox, measles, typhoid, mumps or develops them. These illnesses can have serious implications for a person on treatment for cancer and we need to inform the parents so that appropriate action can be taken.

Term 2 After School Classes
Attached with this newsletter is the enrolment form for Term 2 After School Classes. Enrolments for these are open tomorrow, Friday 7th April from 8am. Enrolments need to be accompanied with payment, and places are filled on a first in, first served basis.

Skids Matipo Holiday Programme
Spaces available for the Term 1 Holiday Break. Fun indoor and outdoor activities including field trips. WINZ subsidy available. For more information, please call Sapna on 818 5955 or 027 565 5251 or email

School Newsletter
From the start of Term 2, we are transitioning over to an e-newsletter as opposed to a paper copy each week. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our school newsletter using the following link: Our school newsletter is also available on Facebook and our website. If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, please fill and return the slip below.

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