Newsletter #8 March 23rd

In our ERO report last year, we were complimented on the quality and amount of communication to our school community. We have our school website and Facebook page, syndicate websites, weekly newsletters and individual notices. The Friends of Matipo group now have a new steering committee, Board representative and have an exciting number of events planned both for children and parents.

Warm Welcome To
Our four international students Chanakan, Orrin, Thapanee and Nantanat, who are visiting our school for four weeks from Thailand. We wish you an enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Isaac Igusa, Johnny-Rakai Whitwell, Lathan Gilmour, Reuben Lee Sang and Tristan de Thierry Simpson.

Athletics Champions 2017
Congratulations to the following champions of athletics.
Year 1 Tony Zhong & Nathan Yovich
Year 2 Riley Jacobs
Year 3 Noah Petley
Year 4 Tane Keereweer-Taia
Year 5 Cruz Jacobs-Oto
Year 6 Michael Stuart

Year 1 Mila Curran
Year 2 Ashlee Hari
Year 3 Marnia Pereira-Mauai
Year 4 Ava Marsters
Year 5 Grace Oloi
Year 6 Grace Jarvie-Otufangavalu

Next week’s newsletter will include a recap of the Te Atatu Athletics Zone Day.

Impetigo (School Sores)
There has been reported cases of Impetigo (school sores) within the school. Impetigo is a common bacterial skin condition. School sores start from a break in the skin through an insect bite, cut or graze. If the sore is not treated it will cause further skin problems. The sores can be anywhere on the body but most often occur on the face (near the mouth and nose), hands, arms or legs. School sores are spread through contact with the blisters, fluid from the blister or scratching around the sore. People are infectious for as long as there is fluid weeping from the sores. They are no longer infectious when the sores have healed or 24 hours after starting antibiotic treatment. If you think your child may be developing any school sores, please take them to the doctor as soon as possible and inform the school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Queries, Compliments or Concerns
As always, if you have a query, compliment or concern, please address it to the teacher as soon as possible in person, or by email. If unresolved, take it to the syndicate leader, then to the principal. Remember that your concern is often an opportunity for us to do better. We also remain (as far as we know), the only school in NZ who offers a money-back guarantee on the school donation. If you feel we haven’t performed to your satisfaction, on the 1st December, ask for a refund of your school donation, no questions asked.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.30pm in the hall and will be hosted by Room 24.

Community of Learning
Together with Peninsula, Rutherford, Edmonton, Tirimoana, Freyberg, Te Atatu Intermediate, Rangeview Intermediate and Rutherford College, we are members of the Te Atatu Community of Learning. Its purpose is schools collaborating to raise the standard of writing for all children, but particularly for children at risk of not achieving the National Standard. We have four in-school staff who have release time to work with children, and one across-school staff member who works with Rutherford Primary and our school with Pacific children.

Lost Property – Includes Items from Camp & Athletics
Lost Property will be on display outside the staffroom this afternoon and tomorrow. Any unclaimed items after the end of school on Friday will be passed on to charity. We make every effort to return named items to children. Please remember to name your children’s clothing.

NZ Opera in Schools ‘Don Pasquale’
Next Tuesday 28th March there will be a performance from the NZ Opera in Schools touring company of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale. The show will be held at school for all the children at the subsidised cost of $4 per child. Please see the reply notice below.
NZ Opera ‘Don Pasquale’ – Please return to Office
Name: ____________________________________________________ Room: ________
Has permission to attend the NZ Opera Don Pasquale performance on Tuesday 28th March.
⃝ $4 is enclosed.
Signed: ____________________________________________________