Safety After School

  • The school will supervise any children awaiting their parents for 15 minutes after school in the library and then up to another 15 minutes in the office foyer.
  • We take no responsibility for children who don’t come to the library or office and instead play outside.
  • We have had a recent spate of ‘missing’ children, where other parents have taken kids home with them, without the knowledge of their own parents.
  • When a child is reported as missing, a major operation swings into action. Three to four staff will work the phones. Another group search the grounds and yet another group around the neighbourhood. After 40 minutes, we will ring the police and report a missing child and then a major police operation starts.

Staff all have other duties after school, their day does not finish with the bell and tying up approximately 10 – 12 staff because someone has decided to take a child home without notifying the teacher, parent or school is unacceptable.

  • Another recent trend is to let the kids play on the playgrounds after school with their parents. In the event of an accident, the school is asked to provide medical assistance. We would respectfully ask that the grounds be cleared immediately after school. The legal position is a bit lengthy to explain but under the new Health & Safety Act, the school could potentially be held responsible for actions beyond our control.



  1. Please be on time to pick up your children.
  1. Don’t take anyone else’s child home with you unless you have permission from that parent.
  1. Please clear the grounds as soon as possible after school.