Principals Office Blog: Election

By Wayne Bainbridge

A blog is a personal statement or opinion. Mine is about the election which for the first time in my adult voting life, I had very little interest in…almost to the point of not voting. The cup of tea saga and over reaction,the deals between National and Act and Peter Dunne leave a bad taste in your mouth and a feeling of a tainted democratic process.

That Mr Key and National have done well over the last 3 years is without doubt. Key is very good and he relates well to us all. His photo paying the pizza delivery person in shorts, bare feet and a polo on election night epitomizes his ordinary guy next door image. Tony Ryall has been a very good Health minister and Steven Joyce has been a very impressive Transport and Tertiary education minister. He gets things done

Labour have been an embarrassment to themselves and their history. For too long they didn’t realize they lost the last election. Too many policies were a tired return to the old socialist rhetoric of the 50’s and 60’s. The economic rational of raising the super age and making Kiwisaver compulsory were endorsed by every economic commentator in the country but it wasn’t sold well enough and for a long enough time. Goff surprised by running a very good campaign. Bravely, Labour
campaigned on policy not personalities but Goff was sabotaged from within.

Why didn’t he have the costings of their policies at the Christchurch Press debate…because Finance spokesman David Cunliffe either withheld them or didn’t have them ready

So, the Greens get 13 seats and NZ First 8 seats but neither could win a single electorate seat. A number of sitting MPs were dumped by the voters, sacked in fact, but parachute back into parliament on the list…the losers list!

Now Labour will try to resurrect themselves but are doomed to failure. Their party list rewarded the incompetent. The affiliated unions pay just 50 cents a member to control the constitution. The same old tired faces litter the top table. The leadership battle will further divide the party and reward the vain. What is needed is a clear out of the old and incompetent, the gender/sexual orientation representation and the union hacks.

David Lange became leader after just 3 years in parliament. He was a circuit breaker and Labour desperately needs another one. Phil Twyford/Jacinda Ardern would be a great new leadership combination, both telegenic, young, intelligent and an obvious break from the past and a metaphor for the future.

Likely to happen?
Not in a million years!
Australia continues to look better and better.

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