Blog: Save me Austin Powers, save me! I seem to have lost my mojo!

By Susan Ludbrook

Ahh, if it were only that simple to get you mojo back. One quick helpless cry to the super spy Austin Powers, a quick time travel excursion together, battle a few dastardly villains with terrible outfits (and accents!) and ‘wallah’ mojo restored back to where it should be, like it was never gone. All the while looking super cool and having Madonna or Beyonce singing your soundtrack………

However, real life doesn’t seem to quite fit in with the script. We all lose our ‘mojo’ every so often through the daily stresses of life, but most of us are able to bounce back, or at the very least just get on with things until our normal mojo-ness returns. But what happens when you truly and utterly find yourself ‘mojo-less’ for more than a few days or weeks? What happens when your mojo goes on what seems like an eternal holiday?

Mojo disappearance can be brought on by many factors; chronic illness (of oneself or someone close to you), long term work stress, grief, natural disasters to name but a few. The characteristics of being without mojo go beyond the usual tiredness and feeling low of feeling run down and exhibit themselves as a complete inability to function as one would expect a productive member of society to do. Thinking slows down, being able to give family, work, self or community equal time, love or energy is nigh on impossible. Maybe you can’t work, do housework, play with your children or enjoy the activities you once did. Most importantly a loss of your identity occurs as everything you have (probably) taken for granted and defined you is taken away.

Many people do have an amazing resilience to cope with huge life-changes. I call them the mojo masters. They never lose sight of the bigger picture, no matter what life throws at them. However others are not so fortunate. No matter how groovy their mojo was before suddenly it is whipped away and they are left struggling to comprehend their new world without this magic, invisible but life giving awesomeness.

We live in a society that does not allow every person to truly focus on finding their lost mojo. We have mortgages to pay, children to look after, spouses to relationship with, colleagues to support, deadlines to meet, paperwork to fill in and in the case of teachers a huge responsibility to deliver the best education for the children in our care. The most obvious cure for re-energising one’s mojo is, of course, Time. Simply being able to give oneself the necessary time to heal the mind, the body and the mojo. However when you have the demands of life to cope with how is it really possible to give yourself the time needed to restore? These constraints inevitably lead to longer ‘no mojo’ zones.

It is possible to escape form this mojo malady. It has to be. Obviously this is a very personal view, as the author has been without her mojo for quite some time. However she has recently felt glimmers of the ‘foxxy’ mojo juice starting to return…….When the mojo returns in its full capacity she is going to try and do everything in her ‘Powers’ to hang on to it.

To my parents, my Principal, staff members who have allowed me to cry and vent and despair at my lousy condition and then gave me hugs or a reassuring word, friends who listened to me, the healer Kathryn Hudson and Facebook. I thank you all. I thank the children of Room 18 who give me so much pure mojo-ness every day in the classroom and their wonderful parents who have been so kind. Mostly I thank my own children who have loved me unconditionally and my long-suffering husband who has (mostly) put up with a highly dysfunctional partner for far too long.

And to all my fellow mojo-free comrades, there is always hope. No matter how desperate things seem, there will be a way through to becoming the person that you once were (or even a better version!).

My apologies to Mike Myers and any die-hard Austin Powers fans for the terrible use of puns.