Room 13 Charity

On Market Day Room 13 raised lots of money.  We had so much that we decided to donate some food to Care Waitakere.  It is for the poor people that have no food.  It is very sad for their kids and them.  We gave them lots of things, like jam, rice, 2 minute noodles and tea.  We hope that they like the food we bought them. I got them chilli beans.

By Daniel Edmonds.


Farewell Pam!

Farewell to Pam Munroe after 27 years… the longest serving staff member in the history of Matipo School.


Superheroes in Training

Selected children being mentored by older children in the Tuakana Taina programme.


Newsletter #30 September 22nd

Our Market Day was a wonderful testimony to the creativity and work ethic of our students and teachers. The children had been in a state of high excitement leading up to the day, and planning how they would spend their profits. The profits go to the children of each class who will decide how to spend it. The Market Day was well supported by very positive and enthusiastic parents and grandparents.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Sophia Litvinchuk, Lucy Wallace, Isaac Lee Sang, Katija Luke, Kelly Alker, Archie Bulloch, Lucy Stylianou, Jamie Thomas, Hongrae Noh, Te Arepa Taiaroa, Maya Frampton, Zoe Anderson-Jones, Promise de Thierry Molloy, Mia Gilbert, Sasha Hickman, Eva Inkster and Anna Schrott.
Happy Birthday to those celebrating over the holidays: Jackson Muller, Ngakau O’Donnell, Maxwell Sanders, Alexandra Boyle, Kieran Alker, Mia Armstrong, Keely Antunovich, Nehuen Lopez, Janelle Eason-Ayrapetyan, George Fisk, Tate Robinson, Saskia Boyack, Barnaby Paul, Te Toa Henare, Ezekiel Apostol, Joaquin Gapusan, Tarquin Tepou, Daniel Vujnovich, Israel Cash, Lyn Lin, Luka Nemaia, Ashley Shepherd, Tristan Gotz, India-Rose Hira, Delta Johns, Jed Lindsay-Ola and Sam Lindsay-Ola.

This week we farewell Pam Munroe, retiring after 28 years at Matipo. Pam started as a volunteer parent, then teacher aide before moving into the office and being responsible for finance. Pam is going to unwind in Australia for two months before embracing retirement. We will miss you Pam!

Te Atatu Speech Competition
Congratulations to Cade Morpeth, who in an outstanding field of finalists, won the Te Atatu cluster speech contest. Well done Cade!

Congratulations to the following children on their successes in the Australian Maths Test.

Year 4 Credit: Tegan Coyle, Kaia Evans, Grace Oloi and Anna Schrott
Merit: Ruby Masters-King
Year 5 Credit: Daniel Vujnovich and Niamh Dines
Merit: Luca Armitage and Stacey MacAllister
Year 6 Credit: Zoe Anderson-Jones and Theo Robbmarkham
Distinction: Luca Boyack and Michael Robson

Thanks for the almost constant stream of positive feedback about various school events and staff. It is very heartening and confirms the worth of our philosophy and direction. As previously notified, we cannot take any more out-of-zone enrolments this year.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.15pm in the hall and will be hosted by Mr Bainbridge.

Hopefully the run of health issues for both children and staff is coming to an end. As you know, getting relief teachers is extremely hard for all schools. Only registered teachers may work in a school and when we can’t get a reliever, we have to split the class. If too many classes need to be split, we would have to send children home. This would be a last resort of course.

Lost Property
Lost Property will be on display outside the staffroom this afternoon and tomorrow. Any unclaimed items after the end of school on Friday will be passed on to charity. We make every effort to return named items to children, please remember to label your children’s clothing.

We are the only school in NZ who offers a 100%, no questions asked, refund on your school donations if you are unhappy with any aspect of our school performance. Simply let me know by December 1st and we will refund your monies without question.

Summer Hours
Term 4 begins on Monday 10th October and we revert to summer hours with a full hour for lunch and finishing school at 3pm. All children must wear a hat during break times from Labour Weekend.

2017 Term Dates
Term 1 Thursday 2nd February – Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 1st May – Friday 7th July
Term 3 Monday 24th July – Friday 29th September
Term 4 Monday 16th October – Friday 15th December

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Maths Exploration

Yesterday was the last session of the Maths Exploration after school class. We explored many mathematical concepts in a fun and hands-on way. We made 2D shapes by folding a simple A4 sheet, measured and represented data, flew paper planes, and made some beautiful string art! Have a look at our explorations on the blog.

Congratulations Cade

Congratulations to Cade Morpeth, winner of the Te Atatu Cluster Speech Finals. The quality of the finalists was outstanding.


Safety After School

  • The school will supervise any children awaiting their parents for 15 minutes after school in the library and then up to another 15 minutes in the office foyer.
  • We take no responsibility for children who don’t come to the library or office and instead play outside.
  • We have had a recent spate of ‘missing’ children, where other parents have taken kids home with them, without the knowledge of their own parents.
  • When a child is reported as missing, a major operation swings into action. Three to four staff will work the phones. Another group search the grounds and yet another group around the neighbourhood. After 40 minutes, we will ring the police and report a missing child and then a major police operation starts.

Staff all have other duties after school, their day does not finish with the bell and tying up approximately 10 – 12 staff because someone has decided to take a child home without notifying the teacher, parent or school is unacceptable.

  • Another recent trend is to let the kids play on the playgrounds after school with their parents. In the event of an accident, the school is asked to provide medical assistance. We would respectfully ask that the grounds be cleared immediately after school. The legal position is a bit lengthy to explain but under the new Health & Safety Act, the school could potentially be held responsible for actions beyond our control.



  1. Please be on time to pick up your children.
  1. Don’t take anyone else’s child home with you unless you have permission from that parent.
  1. Please clear the grounds as soon as possible after school.

Cooking Class

Today was the last day for our After School Cooking Class. Over the course of this term the children have made a range of recipes such as hokey pokey biscuits, crispy chicken nibbles, marshmallow shortcake and sweet n’ sour meatballs. For the last class today we learnt to pipe icing to decorate our own cupcakes. Don’t they look great?

Newsletter #29 September 15th

How fabulous did the bright sun and blue skies look and feel earlier in the week!
School finishes next Friday 23rd September at the normal time, 2.45pm. In Term 4, we go back to summer hours and a reminder that children need to wear hats from Labour Weekend on. Our construction projects will all be finished for the start of the new term and Rooms 8 & 9 will be back in their refurbished, brightly coloured classrooms.

Warm Welcome This Week To
Miles Lattie, Phoebe O’Dwyer, Linda Zhong, Tony Zhong and Denzel Vesetolu. We wish you a long and enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Phoebe O’Dwyer, Edie Annan, Ciana Gilbert, Stacey MacAllister, Caleb Murphy, Arlo Franich, Remy Franich, Lorenzo Pearce, Amber Ball, Grace Jarvie-Otufangavalu, Monty Tichborne, Jaimie Booth, Marshall Taia, Kees Wierstra and a Happy Belated Birthday to Miles Lattie.

After School Policy and Procedure
A reminder please that the school grounds should be cleared by 3.15pm. Children who are not picked up on the home bell must go to the library. The playgrounds are only supervised by staff during school hours. Use outside of these hours is at your own risk, and all children must be supervised by their own caregiver. The various playgrounds around the school are designated to certain year levels based on an audit of our accident register. The children know what playgrounds they can and cannot play on. This applies before and after school too. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Special Offers
John Vujnovich of Harvey’s Realty will donate $500 to the school for listing a successful sale of your property.
ASB will donate $500 to the school for any loan over $150,000.
ANZ will allocate ‘400 points’ to the school for any successful loan application.

The Rosebank Cafe
Have you tried the new Luscious café venture on Rosebank Road? The NZ Herald ‘Canvas’ magazine rated it 4 out of 5. It is run by Carlos, who many will remember from Luscious Café.

Lost Property
Lost Property will be displayed next Thursday and Friday. It is heart-breaking to have so many items unnamed and unclaimed.

Prize Giving Trophies
Can any trophies from last year’s prize giving please be returned to the office ASAP, in preparation for this year’s event.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.15pm in the hall and will be hosted by Room 22.

2017 Term Dates
Term 1 Thursday 2nd February – Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 1st May – Friday 7th July
Term 3 Monday 24th July – Friday 29th September
Term 4 Monday 16th October – Friday 15th December

Tuesday 20th September
9.30am – 11am
Bring your pocket money and come along to support our budding business entrepreneurs and buy their self-designed and made products.
To be held on the Green Courts or inside the Hall & Arts Suite if raining.

Matipo EdTalks: Maths Specialist

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