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Newsletter #32 October 20th

A reminder that Monday is a public holiday for Labour Day and school resumes on Tuesday. All children need to wear sunhats for interval and lunch times for the remainder of the year.

Warm Welcome This Week To
Anna Bell, Lakar Wood-Houia and Ashton Robertson. We wish you a long and enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Anna Bell, Lakar Wood-Houia, Leah Kim, Cole O’Grady, Pierre Pua, Mila Luka, Ashton Robertson, Aiden Wileman, Finn Boyack, Kadence McCully, Mya Morrison, Ariah Thorp, Abbie Fagan, Riley Fagan, Ethan Lucas, Kaia Evans, Linda Zhong, Rylla Rarere and Sophie Wallace.

This is our major fundraiser of the year. More prizes are being added daily. We need all of your support, but spread the sponsorships over friends, workmates, and extended families. Sponsorship forms are required back by November 9th, the date of the test. We thank you for your anticipated support.

Wheels Week
The Travelwise Leaders are organising a Wheels Week for Week 4 – 31st October to 4th November. Each syndicate will be invited to bring their scooters and bikes on a particular day. There will be activities organised for the lunchtimes. There will also be prizes for the best decorated wheels! More details to follow.

Class and Netball Photos – Thursday 27th October
Envelopes for class & netball photos were distributed last week. Photos will be taken on Thursday 27th October. Please return the envelopes sealed with the payment inside to the office by Wednesday 26th October. You may pay for more than one student’s photograph with the same payment, but each student must have their own envelope completed. If paying with cash, please enclose the exact amount as no change can be given. No EFTPOS.
Netball teams please remember to bring your netball uniform to school on photo day.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.30pm in the hall and will be hosted by Room 25.

Softball Field Day
Two boys’ and one girls’ team contested the Zonal Softball Field Day at Neil Ave Park on Tuesday with a strong contingent of support. Matipo 1 Boys’ Team came first overall, and the Matipo Girls’ team placed third equal. All the kids played incredibly well and demonstrated great sportsmanship. Players of the Day were Riley Tivoli, Lucas Adams and Shelby Swan.

A huge 9m by 2m Otis Frizzell mural ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ has been donated to our school. Huge thanks to Otis Frizzell, Les Mills Gym, Tai Flavell and Trudi Bragg for your generosity and contacts.

Thanks to John Vujnovich of Te Atatu Harvey’s for another donation of $1,000 as a result of two referrals from our school community. We are thankful for these continuing donations which go towards paying for the Fun Day at the end of the year.

Te Atatu Athletics
Season starts October 25th 2016. Register online at Club nights are held each Tuesday evening, from 6pm -7.15pm. Ages 4-16+

Weetbix TRYathalon
Sunday 12th February 2017. Join Team Matipo at this fun, family event where kids get a taste of competing at a large event. More info and registration at Also follow the event page on the Friends of Matipo Facebook page.

Arts Collab / AGM / Festival Wrap
Peninsula Arts Inc., the charity behind the our local Harbourview Sculpture Trail, invites the community to our 2016 AGM to collaborate in a dialogue about the creative arts in Te Atatu. As the final event on the Te Atatu Spring Festival calendar, our brief AGM and collaboration will finish with a celebration to close the festival. Date: Saturday 29 October. Time: 3pm-5pm. Venue: Kotare / Kingfisher Room @ Te Atatu Community Centre. RSVP required. Please email by 24 Oct (seats are limited).

Walking School Bus
To find out more info on the new walking school buses run by our school parents, visit

Otis Frizzell Mural

Here’s a huge 9m x 2m Otis Frizzell mural “Where The Wild Things Are”. Huge thanks to Otis Frizzell, Les Mills Gym, Tai Flavell and Trudi Bragg for arranging this kind donation!


Matipo Choir Performance

Come and hear the children from the Matipo School Choir sing as a part of the Te Atatu Spring Festival! There will be Bowie, Broods, Beatles, Amy Winehouse and more! Come and see them sing in the Atrium of the Community Centre at 12pm. Contact with any queries.

Newsletter #31 October 13th

Welcome back to another term. I hope you really enjoyed your time with your children. I attended a Deep Learning Lab with renowned Canadian educator, Michael Fullan, in Christchurch. It was held at Christ College, a prestigious private boy’s school. In talking with their Deputy Principal about the success of the school, he said it was about ‘structure, formality and routine’. I nearly fell off my chair, because that is exactly the basis of our school and is at the foundation of our success. We also wrap around a strong layer of holistic care and commitment to our children.

Warm Welcome This Week To
Mia Yates, Samuel Taylor, Cooper Marris, Jett Bernard, Eve Parsons, Eva Olesen, Samuel Atkinson-Burns, Jeremi McEntee, Jaxon Turner and Isabel Turner. We wish you a long and enjoyable time here at Matipo Primary.

Happy Birthday This Week To
Samuel Atkinson-Burns, Jeremi McEntee, Jake Jones, Emily Fraser, Cade Morpeth, Georgia Williams, Mikayla Lincoln, Teo Pilot-Rowsell and Kanye Lole. Happy Belated Birthday to Mia Yates, Samuel Taylor, Cooper Marris, Jett Bernard, Eve Parsons and Eva Olesen.

Tomorrow’s assembly is at 2.30pm in the hall and will be hosted by Room 23.

This year’s ‘athon’ is a Spellathon. We do very little fundraising and the Spellathon is our big effort. While primarily it is a fundraiser, it also has a learning value as well. We encourage you to spread the load and try for sponsorship from grandparents, aunties, uncles and work mates etc. We have four huge bears as prizes, two 32-inch T.V.’s, a Chromebook, and a variety of other prizes, with more to come. Sponsorship forms and spelling lists will be distributed this Monday.

Uncertain? Query? Complaint?
The school has a long established procedure to encourage parents with queries or concerns to see the teacher early to discuss their concern or problem. If it is not resolved, please make an appointment to see the syndicate leader and if still not resolved, please make an appointment to see me. I normally ask for the nature of the concern in advance, so that I can make inquiries or print material, etc. I will also normally follow up within 24 hours of meeting with you.

Writing Competition
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s writing competition:
Year 0 Darcy Rarere Room 3
Year 1 Ceide Villanueva Room 7
Year 2 Autumn Bell Room 21
Year 3 Charlie Llewellyn Room 21
Year 4 Emerson Rockell Room 22
Year 5 Aleksy Kowalski Room 22
Year 6 Jemima Tichborne Room 26

Reminder – Summer Hours
We have reverted back to summer hours with a full hour for lunch (12.30 – 1.30pm) and finishing school at 3pm. Children may go to the library for supervised care until 3.15pm if you are running late, and then will be taken to the office foyer. All other children should go home straight away with the school grounds cleared by 3.15pm. All children must wear a hat during break times from Labour Weekend.

Term Dates
October 18 Softball Field Day
20 Softball Save Day
24 Labour Day
25-28 Diwali Week
27 Class & Netball Photos

November 01 Netball Prize Giving 11.30am
03 School Cross Country
09 Cultural Concert
Spellathon Test
15 Cross Country Zones
17 Cross Country Zones Save Day
28 Spellathon Lucky Prize Draw

December 02 Wardens & Librarians Parakai Trip
07 Christmas on the Green
08 End of Year Reports Emailed
12 Prize Giving 9.30am – Junior 11.30am – Senior
Year 6 Graduation
14 Fun Day
15 Term 4 Ends

APO Jazz Ensemble

A classical jazz ensemble from the APO presented a totally different side to classical music this afternoon to our school.


Matipo EdTalks: Prime Maths


By Family Coach Andrea Stringer

Distraction is an extremely useful tool and probably sits near the top of most parents’ list of quick xes. When your 2 year old hammers his thumb and is starting to realise what just happened, or your 3 year old is advancing menacingly on the family cat, then “Shall we read a book together? Why don’t you go and choose one?” (or similar) will get you out of many a potential scrape with your little ones.

But it becomes too much of a good thing if we never stop to ask; would she be better off if I didn’t distract right now? If your own feelings of discomfort at seeing your 5 year old upset mean that you will offer her food, a new toy, the TV on, anything to stop the crying! – then she is missing some valuable opportunities to learn that difficult feelings can be endured.

Letting unpleasant feelings sit is hard to do. Most of us will have pangs of guilt if we let a child remain in self-pity or sadness when they could easily be distracted from it. But a long-term plan for parenting means putting our discomfort aside for what our kids need most from us. I want my daughters to know when they break up with their first boyfriend, or don’t get the first job they apply for, that yes, those feelings are nasty, but they are endurable and they won’t last forever.

So empathise and let them know that you see and care about what they’re going through. This honours their experience far more than brushing over what has happened in your haste to end the pain. Sit with them and offer your support as they work their way through to the other side. Let them grieve for a lost toy, ice cream, or chance to break the rules. It will happen naturally, without your interference, if you can sit with it long enough. You don’t need all the answers, you just need to be there.

Becoming choosier about when you use distraction, particularly once your child is school-aged, has another advantage. When you can hold back, you allow them the opportunity to consider what part they’ve played in their current unhappiness. It’s been said that in life we cause the majority of our own suffering, but a child whose parent over-uses distraction is shielded from this wisdom and instead learns, “Pain is not to be learned from, but to be avoided at all costs”. If the toy lost at school wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place, will they ever wonder, “How can I make sure I never have this feeling again?” when we buy them a new one on the way home?hottips-distraction

Room 13 Charity

On Market Day Room 13 raised lots of money.  We had so much that we decided to donate some food to Care Waitakere.  It is for the poor people that have no food.  It is very sad for their kids and them.  We gave them lots of things, like jam, rice, 2 minute noodles and tea.  We hope that they like the food we bought them. I got them chilli beans.

By Daniel Edmonds.


Farewell Pam!

Farewell to Pam Munroe after 27 years… the longest serving staff member in the history of Matipo School.


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